Standard Business Terms & Conditions

We are pleased that you have chosen to work with Snowsports Kitzbühel e. U. and thank you for your confidence. We therefore invite you to read the following standard contractual terms and conditions carefully.

1. Reservation

1.1 The contract between Snowsports Kitzbühel e. U. as the organiser and you comes into being with your verbal or written reservation placed with Snowsports Kitzbühel e.U. or one of our sales offices. By making your reservation you acknowledge these standard business terms and conditions as an element of the contract between Snowsports Kitzbühel and you.

2. Our services

2.1. All our contractual services are listed in the description of our offers as well as on our reservation confirmations and invoices.

2.2. Travel costs, bus transfers and catering are not included.

2.3. Special requests can be complied upon previous agreement with the organiser. Any additional costs are charged to the client.


3. Liability

3.1. Every person participating in activities organised by Snowsports Kitzbühel e.U. is aware that he or she is taking part in an adventure activity which cannot offer the comfort and safety of a regular package holiday. The particular dangers and risks found in mountains, gorges, lakes and rivers are many and varied and therefore cannot be entirely eliminated. By making your reservation you acknowledge these dangers and risks. The liability for all damages/ injuries and claims towards Snowsports Kitzbühel e.U. and the ski guides, ski instructors, canyoning guides and skippers is limited to acts of gross negligence and premeditation.

3.2. Participants are responsible for their own insurance. It is a precondition to take out a valid accident and health insurance which also covers rescue costs.

3.3. The organiser is entitled to enlist services of third parties to provide the best possible service. Snowsports Kitzbühel e. U. is not responsible for actions, failures or omissions of third party service providers.

4. Program changes

4.1. In case of uncertain weather conditions we reserve the right to change the program as well as locations for safety reasons. By making a reservation the participant declares that he or she agrees to this. Any additional costs that may arise as a result of these events are charged to the participant.

5. Withdrawal by the client

5.1. The client may withdraw from the contract at any time before participating in the course or tour. The date of the receipt of the written withdrawal notice at the organiser is key here. If a client cannot participate in the booked activities due to illness or an accident, Snowsports e. U. will need a medical certificate issued by a local doctor or hospital in order to refund the course days or lessons the client couldn’t take advantage of. We do not refund course days or lessons cancelled due to weather related restrictions, bad conditions, risk of avalanches etc. If a course or lesson cannot take place because of a system failure at a ski lift facility, the lesson will be refunded.

5.2. In case of a withdrawal the following cancellation costs will be charged to the client:

30-15 days before the start = 25%            

14-  8 days before the start = 50 %

7-  1 days before the start = 75 %

On the start day = 100 %

Outside these periods you will be charged a processing fee of 40.- € per person or a maximum of 120.- € per cancelled order.

5.3. The participant has no right to a refund if he or she ends a tour early or does not even participate.

6. Withdrawal by the organiser

6.1.The organiser is entitled to cancel any tour or lesson even at short notice if the activity cannot take place as a result of force majeure, safety concerns or extreme weather conditions. Please note that safety during all activities is in the interest of everyone. In this case we will try our best to offer you an alternative date. Otherwise payments already made will be refunded. No further liability can be accepted.

6.2. The ski guide, ski instructor, canyoning guide or skipper is entitled to exclude participants from the tour who violate our business terms and conditions, in particular those who do not meet the conditions crucial to the tour. He or she is even entitled to stop the tour. In this case there is no right to a refund.

6.3. For all group activities and tours we need a minimum number of participants. If there are not enough participants, the organiser may withdraw from the contract up to two days before the tour starts. Payments made will be refunded. Further claims are excluded.

7. Conditions for participation

7.1. Every participant assures that he or she is in the necessary physical and psychological condition for the selected tour as listed in the tour description. Participants and groups are obligated to inform the organiser of any and all health problems. Please note that the consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs or other mind-altering substances before and during the activity is prohibited. Every participant has to fulfill all required conditions for participation and has abide by all instructions of the tour guides and other staff members at any time. If these conditions are not respected, the organiser is entitled to exclude the concerning persons or groups from the activity. No right to refund arises here.

8. Payment terms

8.1. The activities booked are to be paid for in advance. If the booking takes place 30 days or more prior to the beginning of the course or lesson, you have to pay a deposit of 50% after receiving our invoice. The balance must be paid 20 days prior to the start of the lessons or courses, at the latest. Bookings made less than 20 days before the lessons or courses start have to be paid right away to their total amount. Payments which are not made on time entitle us to withdraw from the contract. Cancellation costs are chargeable to the client according 5.2.

9. Place of jurisdiction

9.1. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Kitzbühel. Austrian law applies.